Timely Updates Make our ACT and SAT Test Prep Programs Better Than Ever

Both the SAT and the ACT college entrance exams have undergone significant changes in recent years, including going digital, restructuring the scoring and changing the exam content itself to reflect the modern requirements and expectations at today’s colleges, universities and businesses. ClubZ! and its test prep brand, Z Prep! have also recently revamped our test prep programs, with the aim of helping SAT and ACT test takers be better prepared and optimize their scores on one or both of the exams.

We’ve made several big changes that should make our program more effective and more practical for today’s busy student:

  • Our practice exams can now be taken online, making it easier and faster for students to take both exams, review the results and make a decision on which of the two tests are best for them to focus on for best results.
  • We offer a projected score on the practice exams to give students a more realistic view of where they need to focus their study efforts.
  • Diagnostic questions now include written explanations of the answers, providing for better understanding and additional study material to students.
  • We now offer training on the differences between the two exams so students can get a clearer view of how to approach each exam in the most effective way, or choose to focus on one or the other of the tests based on their own test-taking preferences and skills areas in order to maximize their potential for a higher score.

Read our related press release for more on our test prep program changes, as well as a more detailed discussion of some of the differences between the SAT and the ACT, such as what topics are included, whether guessing is penalized or not, the different pace of the exams and other considerations.

With a solid track record helping thousands of college-bound students prepare for their standardized tests since 2006, the core of our ACT Test Prep and SAT Test Prep programs has not changed. With our proven model of one-on-one in home or online tutoring, a tutor match to fit your individual needs, and a personalized study program, combined with these latest new features, you will have all the best ingredients for a successful test prep experience. If you are scheduled to take an upcoming ACT or SAT test, or considering which of the two college entrance exams to plan for, our college entrance exam prep programs may be just what you need to make the right choice and get a better result on your college entrance exam.