Studying for the SAT or ACT? There’s an App for That!

Portrait of a college girl text messaging with blurred studentsStruggling with those review books for your upcoming ACT or SAT exam? Supplement your materials and tutoring with a smartphone app. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a handy anytime-anywhere study center that lets you refresh and review on the go, or just on the sofa.  Smartphone apps, both fun and convenient, can add a valuable extra boost to your test preparation program, so here are a few to consider:

Study Apps for the SAT

  • Adapster – This app is specifically for students looking for practice for the SAT Math section, providing 1000’s of practice questions, study aids and solutions, and diagnostic tests to help you adapt your area of focus where you need it most.
  • SAT Connect – $24.99, but worth the price, this app hosts more than 7 practice tests for the SAT, 4,000 vocabulary words, and 1,000 sample test questions with full explanations of the answers and a review section to help with studying essentials.  And, it allows you to connect with other students in your area and form your own study groups.
  • SAT Up – This app offers “the world’s most advanced mobile SAT test prep solution” including a daily workout of practice questions and test challenges, personalized to the student’s skill level. With a detailed report and even a time management function, you can’t go wrong with SAT Up.
  • The Official SAT Question of the Day – The College Board official app is free and one provides a question every day from each of the three SAT test sections, and keeps an archive of previous weeks’ questions to reference.

Study Apps for the ACT

  • ACT Student – Produced by the ACT test producer, the ACT Student app is a free download that includes questions very similar to what is on the actual test. With a complete set of practice test questions and a login function so you can check your prior ACT scores and monitor your account online, this should be an essential part of your study routine.
  • ACT McGraw Hill – Coming from the #1 educational publisher in the country, this app features more than 1000 unique test practice questions, 10 practice tests, and even a study-planning tool to help you manage your preparations for test day.  See how you compare to other students and set up study dates with peers.
  • Allen ACT  – A comprehensive ACT test prep program that tracks your progress as you go, allowing you to adjust your study habits to address strengths and weaknesses in specific ACT sections.
  • ACT Question of the Day – Another quick-study solution similar to the SAT version listed above, this free app sends users a daily question for both the math and verbal portions of the ACT, and provides a short explanation of the correct answer for each.

So, select one or more apps, and you’ve got some great study tools at your fingertips, any time of day or night. Take advantage of your new app to sneak a bit of practice into your busy schedule. You can answer a few questions between class periods, learn some vocabulary after dinner, or tackle a math problem during lunch break. For junior and senior high school students looking to excel on their standardized tests, downloading one of these apps and tutoring with a Z! Prep in-home or on-line test preparation tutor will put you on track for a great SAT or ACT result!